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Alecx Lorica is a Designated Meisner Teacher and the founder of Sightlines Actors’ Space. She is an actress and singer based in the Philippines, who discovered her passion for teaching acting during her time at Ateneo de Manila University, where she graduated with a double degree in BFA Theater Arts and AB Communication.

During her time in Ateneo, she received a “Loyola Schools Award for the Arts for Theater Arts Performance“ (2018) for her contribution to the arts during her time at the university. She also served as the Artistic Director of Ateneo Blue Repertory for its 25th Season. She was also the Assistant Director of Missy Maramara for Urinetown: The Musical (2015) and Real-Life Fairytales (2016); and was fortunate to be cast as Allie in the re-run of Real-Life Fairytales (2017) when it was brought to Korea to compete in the 11th Daegu International Musical Festival.

Alecx recently completed her Designated Meisner Teacher training under Scott Trost, Executive Director of the Meisner Institute., L.A., USA. Since then she has launched her own online acting school, Sightlines Actors’ Space, which aims to provide a safe space and creative home for actors to cultivate their craft, hone their instinct for truth, and develop their acting technique. Alecx hopes to collaborate with other acting teachers who share the same endeavor. 


Designated Meisner Teacher 

(2021 – Present)

Project Manager

Assistant Meisner Teacher

(2021 – 2022)

Designated Meisner Teacher


Artistic Director

(25th Season: 2016 – 2017)
Alecx Lorica’s 25th Season Production Line-up

Theme: Finding Truth in Fiction

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