Michi in The Art of Murder (2016)

Written by Aldrich Alcantara & Bernice Reyes
Direction by Mako Alonso & Mica Fajardo
Spectrum Collabs in partnership with The PARC Foundation (2016)
Pineapple Lab

Set in modern day Metro Manila, the Art of Murder features PNP intern Fred, as he guides the audience through the infamous Crime of the South (aka Alabang). The crime is set in motion when all-around nice guy Mark returns to the Philippines as a famous writer with an attitude that ticks everybody off. On the night of his despedida, Mark is murdered. With Fred at the helm, the audience will be presented with evidence, interrogation, and flashback scenes that will lead to the discovery of the killer. In the end, the verdict will lie in the audience’s hands.

© Spectrum Collabs
© Spectrum Collabs
© Spectrum Collabs

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