F2 in Shared Spaces (2016)

Music by Kerrigan & Lowdermilk
Written by Maxine De Jesus, Elo Dinglasan, Helene Enriquez, Justine Narciso, Hannah Nolasco, & Bea Racoma

Direction by Sab Jose & Bibo Reyes
Ateneo Blue Repertory
Ateneo Black Box Theater (2016)

Shared Spaces is a monologue and song-cycle series, with music by Kerrigan & Lowdermilk.

Six people blur the line between the enormity of contemporary concerns and their intimate circumstances. Through humour, discourse, or tears, they lay out their personal encounters with sexuality, religion, depression, relationships, and more, in pursuit of a representation of present-day’s society; a community of individuals, with lives far more intricate than we are led to believe. 

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© Ar-j Castelo
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